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Along with seeking straightforward yoga instruction, I've also come to Danny with lower back pain, a mysterious sprain/spasming at the top of my leg from cycling (quickly diagnosed as a pulled sartorius muscle, for which Danny knew a number of pain-relieving stretches and poses), and general tightness in my neck and shoulders. When I meet with Danny, I know that I'm going to be listened to, thoughtfully instructed, and generally well cared-for. I've also taken one of his group yoga classes, in which he is just as attentive and present.

C. Peters

I enjoyed the Restorative Yoga training with Danny Coates-Finke. I had recently completed a 200hr teacher training so this training was a nice addition to my teacher skills. I was initially anxious about the length of the training days, but Danny was well organized and scheduled the days in ways that felt manageable and were enjoyable. I really appreciated that we started both days with restorative practice, followed by didactic materials, breaks, and practice with poses, and I am grateful that the training culminated in us teaching a 60-minute class. After the training I have felt very comfortable practicing on my own and leading others through practice. I find that this training and the poses I learned provided a nice foundation for me to expand my skills as a Restorative Yoga teacher. I highly recommend this training to others

Dr. Stanley

The Restorative Yoga training led by Danny Coates-Finke was all that I hoped it would be and more. We received patient and thorough explanations, demonstrations, practice and guidance. Working with a group of like-minded students in group and partner work really gave us tools to share with others in the future. Danny was very honest, open and supportive while sharing his knowledge and expertise in a very caring way.

J. Williams

I would like to thank Danny for a wonderful, knowledgeable restorative training. Thanks to his peacefulness, experience and knowledge motivation and great consideration he was able to make the restorative teaching training a very successful one. I gained so much knowledge and experience that I am looking forward so much to start implementing it. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is interested.

D. Shafik

Danny is thorough with body alignment, and encouraged us to creatively use the props. I felt confident that Danny was sharing anatomy from a deep place of knowledge, and without condescension.

K. Desmond

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